Makesha Williamson is CEO & Founder at BIRTH Productions. For more than 15 years she has been advocating education and engagement of the rising numbers of teen pregnancies and new cases of sexually transmitted diseases amount teens.

Becoming a mother at the age of 14, Makesha knows firsthand that girls aged 15–are at risk and are associated more with socioeconomic factors than with the biological effects of age. In developed countries, teenage pregnancies are associated with social issues, including lower educational levels, poverty, and other negative life outcomes in children of teenage mothers. Teenage pregnancy in developed countries is typically outside of marriage, and carries social stigmas.  

Makesha speaks openly that parents should spend time sharing with their teens that it is okay to make individual choices and not succumb to peer pressure. She also notes the following for teenagers:

  • Being proud to be a virgin
  • Peer Pressure vs Individuality
  • Parents spending time with their teens and allowing open (2-way) dialogue
  • Young girls learning their body and knowing the difference between yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis
  • STD’s and HIV
  • Love and Lust
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Rape
  • Responsible choices
  • Overcoming bad choices

Teen Births Daily (U.S.)

73 Million

Global Teen Pregnancies (Yearly)

Only 1 in 4 (27%) teens ages 15 to 17 have ever had sex.
Youth make up 7% of the more than 
1 million people in the US living with HIV. 

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